9-Axis Pipe Bending

Customer Benefits
  • Bending of multiple
    fixed and variable radii
    in the same cycle.
  • Axis movements controlled
    by servo motors with absolute
    encoder feedback.
  • Sensors that monitor the elastic
    behavior of the material, compensating
    for the bending cycle.
Bending Capacity
Mild steel (Rm=50 ± 5 kgf0/mm²) 83x2 mm
Stainless steel (Rm=70 ± 7 kgf0/mm²) 76,1x1.5 mm
Maximum section modulus (Rm=50 ± 5 kgf0/mm²) 10,0 cm³
Maximum Bend Piece Size
6500mm POB
Positional Accuracy
Y Axis: Bending arm 88 º/s 190º ±0,05º